Jayman Modus Project Avira in EvansRidge, Calgary is a fantastic example of integrated marketing. We were able to build on the benefit of a sales funnel due to the integration of all marketing elements into one cohesive strategy that led to some remarkable conversion analytics.

Of course, all of the traditional marketing elements such as logo, print advertising, billboards, salescentre design, etc. were a part of the concept but it didn’t stop there! Beyond all of this, we developed a touchscreen experience unparalleled in the industry at that time which was later incorporated into all of the other Modus projects.

Avira gave us the opportunity to develop a number of world firsts in technology within Modus Matrix, Jayman Modus' Augmented Reality application, which allowed us to show the Avira community in 3D in your own living room. Matrix included 360° panorama images of inside the homes, as well as directions to the community, and when you get there, you can "walk" down the community in-scale as it will be before it's even started being built. To our knowledge, it's a world first.

Avira is one of many Jayman Modus projects we were involved with.

Print /
Amenities Website /

This amenities website was created for a couple reasons. First, the Modus Matrix augmented reality app included a feature to direct the user to this web app. Second, once this page was bookmarked, it would allow new residents to easily view the various amenities available in the area of their home, be it schools, emergency services or the closest pizza place.

Brochure /
Signage /
Sales Centre /

These images show the various stages of the build of the Avira sales centre. Notice how amazing the building wraps work for this project.

Video /

This video was shown in the Cineplex Odeon movie theatre before the movie starts which is why there is no audio.

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Touchscreen /

Modus was interested in an interactive touchscreen table to display various content related to the homes and community in and around Avira in Evansridge. We designed and developed an intuitive piece of software which successfully displays home and community photos, plans, brochures and other relevant information. On top of that, there were added features to display the highly successful Jayman Modus Facebook feed and to allow salescentre visitors to send pieces of information to their personal email for reference when they get home. Later, the software was enhanced to add additional communities so a salescentre employee could show a visitor any information about other Modus communities on the spot.