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Pixel Tribe is a thought-leading group of marketers devoted to an integrated approach that is designed to elevate our clients both in terms of perception and functional consumer/internal process flowthrough. We provide services ranging from strategic planning and traditional marketing across the board to leading edge digital and technological services. Our “single point of contact” approach ensures you have a designated team member that works hand in hand with you to achieve exceptional results.

We call ourselves a tribe because the founding of our organization brought three like-minded marketing agencies together to combine our experience, expertise, and work capacity. We typically work as an extension to an internal marketing department in medium to large organizations that need the ability to increase their overall workflow and provide an objective thought process to aid in strategic development and the development of measurable marketing goals.

Each client is a part of our tribe and for that reason we have a vested interest. Our unique perspective and our in-house abilities as a company allow you to count on us as your team while you focus on the stakeholders and the overall success of your company.

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Portfolio /

Our portfolio is a combination of various technologies and designs, from the fun and whimsical to the sexy and inspired to the classic yet relevant.

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Services /

At Pixel Tribe, we offer a range of services from traditional marketing with print materials to advanced technical items such as touchscreens and applications.

Here are a select few of the many services we provide:

  • Full integrated marketing
  • Print material including brochures, advertisements, posters, folders, business cards, etc.
  • Web sites of any size from the standard brochure website to massive integrated websites with advanced functionality
  • Video development including script writing, production, and design
  • Radio advertisement scripts and production
  • Media buys
  • Large-scale items such as billboards, wall decals, sales centre design
  • Photography shoots and post-production
  • Touchscreen design and development
  • Mobile applications including augmented reality, location-based ideas (iBeacon & GPS), group communication, etc.
  • CRM integration, enhancement, and development

Radio Advertising

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We would love to hear from you regarding the challenges you face with effectively marketing your company. Please, feel free to contact us via email, phone or with this contact form and we'll be sure to respond to you within 24 hours.


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